I hate...driving out to Blockbuster to rent a game or movie and then coming back home only to find whatever you rented won't play because it looks like someone was playing floor hockey with the disk. Don't they check that shit? Shouldn't they check it so that the person that fucked it up gets charged for the damage?

I hate...the report card my daughter's school district got from the state. Someone from the district needs to explain to me why the district falls below the state average in every area (science, reading, math, social studies, & writing) at the junior high level, yet the average teacher & administrator salaries are well above the state average. If the fucking teachers are getting paid so damn well, why the fuck aren't they teaching the kids anything??

I hate...that it is so damn easy to get a driver's license. I think the road test should be a lot longer and harder than it is. Some of these fucks out on the road are a real fucking hazard and I can't see how they ever passed the test. Let me test 'em...I'd probably fail 3 of every 5.

I hate...headaches. My fucking head has felt like it's been in a vice everyday for the last damn month & nothing I do makes it go away.

I hate...packrats. What on earth possesses these people to hoard all that shit? If you haven't used it in 6 months, or can't foresee needing to use it in the upcoming 6 months (I am aware some things are only used seasonally)...fucking THROW IT OUT! Only exceptions to that rule would be for photographs, or if it is something of monetary value and/or if it truly holds sentimental value, i.e. a family heirloom...but keep a strict limit on the number of those things you hold on to. You don't need to hold onto that cleaning sponge that's probably older than your kids...that's just unsanitary. Disposable razors are just that...DISPOSABLE, you're supposed to throw them out, not hold onto them for months or even years. You don't need to hold onto every bank statement, credit card receipt, utility bill, etc. you've ever received. Feel free to break out the shredder and get rid off that mass of paper overtaking your closets and computer rooms. Don't hold onto those old clothes hoping that someday you'll fit back into that smaller size again...chances are you won't and even if you do, those clothes will be way out of style. Just reward yourself with buying new clothes if you ever achieve your goal.



I hate...when I fucking run out of Jack when I'm looking to get thoroughly smashed outta my gourd. Nothing makes me more pissed off. Thank gawd that isn't the case right now, so I'll just keep chugging away.

I hate...going out on a limb and revealing your feelings and they aren't taken seriously by the person you're spilling them out to. It's rare that I'm willing to put myself out there like that, so just fucking believe what I'm telling you.

I hate...the stares I get while I'm driving in my car, singing at the top of my lungs. Just cuz none of you have the balls to do what the hell you want, don't look at me like I'm a freak. I like to sing along with my favorite songs, I'm not weird because of it. Try it for a change, it's very liberating. Beats sitting there picking your noses.

I hate...wrapping presents. What a waste of paper, tape, ribbons & bows that is. I spend 20 mins making the gifts look all perfect n shit & it only takes someone 2 seconds to rip it to shreds.

I hate...that other people have expectations of us that we can never live up to. I'm not perfect. No one's perfect. We're all different and I believe everyone is doing the best with what they have to work with. Just accept us for who we are, limitations and all.

I hate...dust. How the hell does this stuff appear so fast? I dust almost daily & still it's always there.

I hate...people telling me I shouldn't drink. I have never once told anyone else they shouldn't drink, so lay off me. It's not as if I'm an alcoholic ya fucks.



I hate...feeling nauseous and not being able to throw up. If I could just throw up, I know I'd feel better, but I can't ever get that gag reflex to work when I need it to.

I hate...not having any coffee filters when I'm in desperate need of a good caffeine jolt. I'm sure Martha Stewart has some domesticated trick for what to use when you're out of filters...maybe use the lining of a baby diaper or something fucked up like that...but I have no intention of trying it.

I hate...when you keep getting a whiff of some funky smell in a room but you can't figure out where it's coming from. Sat there for 20 mins trying to figure out why the laundry room stank the other day. Turns out it was the new dryer sheets I bought. They didn't seem to smell that bad in the store.

I I have never understood why people enjoy playing and/or watching that damn sport. Doesn't require a whole lot of skill on the part of most of the players, nor does it require much intelligence. Think it has some homo-erotic overtones to it as well, despite it being considered such a masculine sport. Bunch of burly, sweaty men tackling each other to the ground for thrills? Come on...

I hate...all these people bitching because there is a shortage of flu vaccines this year and they can't get their shot. Most people that get the shot really don't need it. They just need to try washing their hands more often. That'll greatly reduce the chances you'll get it and if you do get it, it'll reduce the chances of you continuing to spread it on to others. But alas, we've become a nation of drug dependents. Gotta have a pill or a shot for everything. Common sense no longer matters.



I exhusband. He's a worthless stupid fuckhead and I can't believe I was blind to that for 13 years. There were glimpses every now and then as to what a true fuckhead he really was, but I was in love, I didn't want to accept that as reality. Guess that makes me just as much of a stupid fuckhead as he is doesn't it?? Least I'm a cuter fuckhead.

I hate...when people don't return your phone call. If it wasn't something important, I wouldn't have bothered leaving a fucking message. Did you take lessons on being that rude or does it just come naturally??

I hate...that corporations downsize their packaging instead of raising their prices. Are you trying to fool consumers with that stunt? Cuz you're not fooling me. I also hate when they change a perfectly good recipe. I just bought a package of Chips Ahoy for the first time in years...these are not the same cookies I used to eat as a kid. They're smaller & they look weird. Thank gawd for Oreos, they haven't changed.

I hate...that I didn't get the memo everyone else seems to have gotten that says the yellow on a stoplight no longer means you should slow down. The new meaning is hurry the fuck up and get thru the intersection. Of course there also seems to be a new memo that says red does not mean stop anymore. Didn't get that one either. The new meaning of red is that the light was probably yellow a few seconds ago, but you need to blow thru it because your time is more valuable than everyone else's, so you can hold them up, even if you no longer have the right of way. And people wonder why air travel is safer than driving.

I hate...the taste of warm soda...YUCK! Let me go grab a fresh one....

I hate...that I don't have enough room for all my shoes. Move over Imelda, Sid's coming thru.

I hate...that I don't know what to do with all my old albums. Ah, the days of vinyl were great...but they just don't store well. Wonder if any of them are worth anything. Probably not, they're mostly alternative bands that were the predecessors of bands like Linkin Park and Marilyn Manson; and I'm sure most people have never heard of them. Those were the days when you had to hear of bands by word of mouth because no station would play them. I was considered a freak back then, now this stuff is all mainstream...go figure.

I hate...nail biting. That has got to be towards the top of my really fucking disgusting habits list, probably has a place in the top 5. I just don't get they taste good or something?

I hate...stuffed animals. And I mean in multiple. One or two is ok, but why the fuck would you want more than that? They don't do anything except take up excessive amounts of room and collect dust, lots of dust. What's the matter how "cute" they are.



I hate...people at the store that stand in your way, block the aisle and don't move when you say excuse me. You aren't the only person on earth, nor does the world revolve around you, move the fuck over.

I hate...going to the video store and there is nothing worth renting. Either you've seen it, wouldn't pay to see it or everything you want is checked out.

I hate...all these credit card machines they have nowadays where they let the customer basically check yourself out. The clerks don't bother to even ask to see the signature on the card to see if it matches. Nice to see stores are helping to keep credit card fraud alive & kicking.

I hate...when someone steals your shopping cart. Wonder if they keep all the stuff you already picked out or if they just dump it in an aisle somewhere. Fucking lazy fucks, walk to the front and grab your own.

I hate...that no store carries the one dvd I want most. I hate ordering crap from online...1) because I want it NOW (said in best Veruca Salt voice) and 2) because I don't want to have to pay extra for shipping.

I hate...people that wait until everything is rung up before they even bother to pull out their checkbook to write a check. Hello? Could you at least have filled in the date, payee, signed it and pulled out your I.D.? I know consideration for others is seriously lacking in the world today, but everyone hates to stand in line waiting on some do your part to keep the line moving as quickly as possible dumbfuck.

I hate...the fact that so many things are catered towards the Spanish language these days, such as at the ATM when it asks "do you want to proceed in English or Spanish?" Well maybe if I was in Mexico I'd like to proceed in Spanish, but this is fucking America. Do we cater to Polish speaking people like that? How about the Japanese? Italians? Russians? Chinese? Any other foreigners? Hell fucking no! When they come here whether it's to visit or to live, and they don't know English or know someone that knows English, they're fucked! Why can't Spanish people be fucked too? If I were to visit or move to another country where English was not the primary language, I'd make sure as hell I learned the language of the country I was in instead of me expecting them to cater to my ignorance.

(as you may have guessed...I was out shopping today)



The idea behind this blog came from a post I did on a different blog of mine one night while I was getting drunk. Started ranting about all these things I hate, so I figured I'd dedicate a new blog solely to getting all this crap off my chest. So here goes....

I hate...people that talk incessantly but have nothing to say. I know you apparently have a love for your own voice, but I don't, so shut the fuck up.

I hate...receiving all these damn catalogs in the mail over the holidays. Hate it even more that I have to call them and tell them to stop sending me catalogs I never asked to receive in the first place or they just keep coming.

I hate...when it's so cold outside your nose hairs freeze up in an instant once you walk outside.

I hate...that there was a run on SpongeBob watches at Burger King. Dammit, I didn't get them all! Yes, I'm a dork...ask me if I care.

I hate...having a craving for something but not knowing what. Keep looking in the fridge over and over, as if by some miracle one of the times you close the door, whatever it is you're searching for will magically appeared.

I hate...people that feel the need to drive slow and/or camp out in the left hand lane of the highway. Get the fuck outta my way! Read your "rules of the road" book...the left hand lane is for passing. There are even highway signs saying "slower traffic keep right". Or are these stupid fucks in the left lane because they don't know which is the right? If that's the case, get the fuck off the road all together!

I organizations that offer their "church-lite" style of religion, but really are just a step away from being the next Jonestown cult because their members are being so brainwashed. Case in point...Willowcreek Church in Illinois. I'll readily admit I have a bias towards religion being that I'm an atheist, but I don't typically hold it against someone for believing in the god of their choice. However, I have met quite a few people that attend Willowcreek and they do I describe them...obsessive and not in a good way. They're not even obsessive about their religion and connection to God, it's all about the church itself. They try to convince everyone to join their little cult, sometimes badgering people to the point of harrassment. It's beyond scary.