I that can't stand to have a woman pass them on the road. They'll be putzing along, doing 5-10 miles UNDER the speed limit, pissing me off. As soon as I try to pass them, they look over, see a woman and suddenly speed up. Give me a fucking break. I'm not challenging your masculinity, dickless boy wonder, I'm just trying to drive and get where I'm going without your slow ass holding me up.

I hate...(as some of you may already know from my other blog) that it is so damn difficult to get an UNCONTESTED divorce. That's right, as rare as it may be, the ex and I agree on everything we've put in the divorce documents...even custody of our daughter. Yet because of a judge with a god complex that had to nitpick, we're still married. What the fuck? If only they'd make getting married this arduous and time-consuming
, I bet at least 80% of people wouldn't even bother. I know I sure as hell wouldn't have.

I hate...when people make accusations against you based on rumor rather than on facts. Find out the truth before you speak morons, and then...get a life.

I hate...people that feel the need to "keep up with the Joneses". Having money is great and all, but if you're so obsessed with keeping up appearances that material things take precedent over financial security and you think you're
just "squeaking by on $300,000", you need a heavy dose of reality slapped across your face. I'll gladly volunteer to do the slapping and as a bonus, I'll switch places with you while I live more than comfortably on $300,000 and you can try squeaking by on less than $20,000. Once you know what it feels like to have to decide between paying your utilities or putting food on your table one day and paying your rent or getting urgent medical attention you desperately need the next, you might finally garner my sympathies.

I hate...that I forgot to call in my prescriptions until after I'd returned from the store. Now I have to make a second trip out there.

I hate...that they put in a traffic light with a pedestrian signal in front of our newly remodeled library to get from the parking lot instead of putting in a pedestrian bridge. I get stuck at that damn light every single time I drive that way, which is often and about to increase an additional four times per day once the kiddie returns to school next week. I don't mind stopping when there are kids present, but when an ADULT feels like they suddenly can't cross the street at all without the signal telling them it's okay to walk, I get pissed off. It's not like it's a busy street or one with a high speed limit. What the hell did these people do when it was just a crosswalk with no light? Did they wait until someone else came along and told them it was safe to walk??