I hate...people at the store that stand in your way, block the aisle and don't move when you say excuse me. You aren't the only person on earth, nor does the world revolve around you, move the fuck over.

I hate...going to the video store and there is nothing worth renting. Either you've seen it, wouldn't pay to see it or everything you want is checked out.

I hate...all these credit card machines they have nowadays where they let the customer basically check yourself out. The clerks don't bother to even ask to see the signature on the card to see if it matches. Nice to see stores are helping to keep credit card fraud alive & kicking.

I hate...when someone steals your shopping cart. Wonder if they keep all the stuff you already picked out or if they just dump it in an aisle somewhere. Fucking lazy fucks, walk to the front and grab your own.

I hate...that no store carries the one dvd I want most. I hate ordering crap from online...1) because I want it NOW (said in best Veruca Salt voice) and 2) because I don't want to have to pay extra for shipping.

I hate...people that wait until everything is rung up before they even bother to pull out their checkbook to write a check. Hello? Could you at least have filled in the date, payee, signed it and pulled out your I.D.? I know consideration for others is seriously lacking in the world today, but everyone hates to stand in line waiting on some do your part to keep the line moving as quickly as possible dumbfuck.

I hate...the fact that so many things are catered towards the Spanish language these days, such as at the ATM when it asks "do you want to proceed in English or Spanish?" Well maybe if I was in Mexico I'd like to proceed in Spanish, but this is fucking America. Do we cater to Polish speaking people like that? How about the Japanese? Italians? Russians? Chinese? Any other foreigners? Hell fucking no! When they come here whether it's to visit or to live, and they don't know English or know someone that knows English, they're fucked! Why can't Spanish people be fucked too? If I were to visit or move to another country where English was not the primary language, I'd make sure as hell I learned the language of the country I was in instead of me expecting them to cater to my ignorance.

(as you may have guessed...I was out shopping today)


Anonymous Xtina said...

i also hate alot of things.. I totally agree with you on the last one... and I also hate how the mcdonalds employees can never quite get it right!!!

April 07, 2006 6:38 PM  

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