I hate...political correctness. Where does it say that people have the right to not be offended? Um...NO WHERE, that's where! Blatant racial or homosexual slurs are definitely the exception and shouldn't be tolerated because they are usually said out of sheer ignornace, but if you expect me to coddle to your precious feelings otherwise, fuck off.

I hate...the ignorant ass woman sitting behind me recently at a high school basketball game. Why? Because she did use a racial slur against our team because hers was losing. I wanted to turn around and slap the bitch for saying that "their team would be winning too if it had as many (insert "n" word here) on it." Skin color has nothing to do with athletic ability you fucking twit, your team just sucks, get over it.

I hate...that my daughter seems to come home monthly with candy bars she needs to sell as a fundraiser for different organizations at her high school. The most recent incident happened this week when she came home and said she was "expected" to sell $10 worth of candy for Spanish class. I never did learn why this expectation was placed upon us. They aren't taking a trip of any kind or doing a special project that wasn't in the original school budget. How's this for a change? How about me "expecting" the schools to stop fueling obesity and diabetes in America with all this damn candy? How about me "expecting" the school district to learn to spend the hundreds of millions of dollars they already receive wisely so I'm not continually "expected" to give them additional money? How about I "expect" that instead of fundraisers where the school only receives a few cents on the dollar, they just outright explain to me why they need additional monies and outright ask me to contribute?

I, as in birthday, Christmas, Valentine's day, etc. They are the biggest waste of money and precious natural resources. Save a tree and just tell your family & friends yourself how you feel about them instead of relying on Hallmark or American Greetings to do it for you.

I hate...that the 80's Trivial Pursuit game I got for Christmas turned out to be way harder than I expected. I can answer all the music questions and most of the movie/tv ones too, but beyond that, I'm pretty clueless about the 80's. Shows you where my priorities were when I was a teen...right where they should have been!

I hate...that I cry nearly every time I watch Grey's Anatomy. Watching George's dad pass away this week was so incredibly sad. But it's just a tv show dammit!