I hate...the music industry and their constant complaints about how illegal downloading of music is hurting their business. Maybe if they'd lower the price of cd's, more people would be willing to buy them rather than trying to get the songs from someone else for free. As stupid as many consumers may be, a lot of us know that it costs far less to produce a cd than it ever did to produce a vinyl album, yet cd prices have remained significantly higher than what vinyl was sold for. You chose higher prices to gain bigger profits rather than offering a product at a price more in line with production costs and you lost on that deal. Quit your bitching or offer us a more realistic price.

I hate...that such a big deal is being made about Barack Obama quitting smoking. Why is this even news worthy? Who the fuck cares if the guy smokes? I hardly think someone's nicotine addiction has any bearing on whether they have the ability to run our country. I also hate the random twit they interviewed on our evening news at some bar here in Illinois that said it was a good idea he quit because there are more registered voters that are non-smokers. Huh? I don't know where he got his voter registration from, but I don't remember them asking me if I was a smoker or not when I registered to vote.

I hate...that news reporters seem to pick the most idiotic person off the street that obviously knows none of the actual facts about what's going on to interview for a story. They also seem to make it a point to interview people with several missing teeth and a complete lack of comprehension of the English language. What's up with that?

I hate...when you're in the middle of writing something important and your pen runs out of ink.

I hate...that I'm going to have to sit through my daughter's school production of the Disney show High School Musical. I've seen parts of the movie on tv and couldn't stomach its cheesiness, I honestly don't want to watch a whole friggan play of it. Just have to remember to tell myself "I'm there to support my daughter" so I don't walk out in disgust.

I hate...that they defaced the Picasso statue that stands in Daley Plaza in Chicago with a giant Bears hat when they lucked out and got a spot in the Super Bowl. It's not even a little bit right to fuck with any of Picasso's art, especially not like that.

I hate...that the Bears lost the Super Bowl and the news is STILL talking about them. They fucked up and didn't win, move on already. Suppose I should be glad they did lose though, otherwise I'd be hearing about them for the next 6 months and I'd probably have to shoot myself.

I hate...the ongoing battle I'm having with insomnia. I just want to be able to fall asleep like I used to. I was out cold as soon as my head hit the pillow.


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