I hate...that I haven't updated this damn blog since April! I swear, I'm not entirely lazy.

I hate...short men with Napoleon Complexes. It's not my fault you're a short little shit so don't take it out on me. Blame your parents for the poor genetics from the bottom of the gene pool.

I hate...the fake nails that are so popular these days. They're thick and square at the edges and just look nasty. What ever happened to the fiberglass nail tips that used to be available? Aside from having all 10 nails the same length and being perfectly manicured, they at least looked like they could possibly be real.

I hate...all the remakes of movies and the tv shows being made into movies. If they're gonna remake a movie, why don't they ever bother to remake a shitty movie and actually turn it into something worth watching? As for the tv shows being made into movies, at least pick a good tv show. I mean come on...the Dukes of Hazard? Bewitched? They sucked as tv shows, of course they're gonna suck even worse as movies. What's next, CHIPs Back on the Beat?? Emergency One...Life before the ER?

I hate...that I can't call a man Dick, as in short for Richard, without giggling. Sorry, but I grew up in a generation where the word dick has only one meaning and that is synonymous with penis.

I hate...that my child keeps stealing my cd's. Guess that's my fault for having raised her listening to the Cure, Social Distortion, the Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Marilyn Manson etc. instead of the Backstreet Boys. Oh well, I started listening to "alternative" music in the early 80's when it actually still held it's true meaning of being an alternative to the crappy Top 40 shit every other station was playing because it wasn't being overplayed on the radio to a mass audience. Certainly wasn't going to suddenly switch to the oldies and classic rock just because I was a mom.