I hate...Christmas, the day. I don't typically do a damn thing after opening presents except sit around and be really bored. Exactly like right now. I'm so fucking bored I'm actually updating this blog.

I hate...the fact that year after year I hate Christmas even more.

I hate...that I didn't get any Bath and Body Works stuff that I asked for for Christmas. I'm like completely addicted to it and if I don't have every scent with every shower gel, body lotion and hand soap I get nuttier than I am naturally. I need to restock because I've run out of a few things. Now I'll have to go there and I know I'll end up finding something new and spending twice the money I wanted to. Or I'll get sucked into another one of their sales.

I hate...the splitting fucking headache I have right now.

I hate...that I had my daughter 2 weeks after Christmas. Not that it was planned at all, but now I have to somehow come up with money for a birthday party and I spent every cent I had on Christmas gifts for her that I can't make my car payment until January 2nd and it's due on December 27th.

I hate...Christmas carols, those upbeat ones especially. I don't get the whole idea behind writing songs about holidays. Just listen to fucking everyday music.

I hate...that 2005 is nearly over and it sucked just as bad as 2004. But 2006 will start on a good note if I can find somewhere to go New Year's Eve. My kiddie has made plans to sleepover at a friend's house, so I'm FREE that night!! YAY!