I hate...people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They preach tolerance, but their own agenda is so one sided that they border on being racists themselves. They were out in force picketing and demanding the firing of Don Imus because of the racial slurs he used on the air. Yet I have to ask, where were they when several black people were on air publicly bashing gays? Why weren't they out picketing and demanding the firing of Isaiah Washington for using a gay slur or the basketball player that went on a rather long intolerant rant about homosexuals? Why is it seemingly acceptable to make bigoted remarks against someone for their sexual orientation, something a person can no more chose than they can their race? Reeks of a whole lot of hypocrisy if you ask me.

I hate...that CBS fired Don Imus. Do I actually care about him being fired? From the standpoint of if he has a job or not, no, because I've never heard his show before and never had an interest in ever hearing it. Was he wrong to use the racial slurs he did? Hell fucking yes. What I hate about the situation is that CBS didn't handle it properly. They cowtowed to public pressure and opinion rather than taking an objective look at what happened and how to resolve it. In the other situations, where blacks publicly insulted gays, there was some public pressure to fire Isaiah Washington (I don't recall any demands that the basketball player be fired but I'm sure there probably were) . But was he? No. He was allowed to apologize. He was allowed to seek "rehab". He was allowed to make amends and keep his job. People say stupid, insulting, bigoted remarks all the time, revealing the true ignorance that lurks inside. But the double-standards our country is awash in are just as appalling as the hate that spews from the mouths of some of our citizens.

I hate...that it takes so long for Novocaine to wear off. I felt like I was drooling all afternoon and I'd had the injection at 10 am, for a single filling.

I hate...Internet Explorer 7.0. Nice rip-off of Mozilla's Firefox.

I hate...percentages used in news stories, studies, polls, etc. I think most of them are inaccurate and are used for the sole purpose of eliciting fear in the general public. The most recent example? I was just at the Yahoo! home page and there's an article that says
90% of elementary school kids are bullied. 90%?!?!? While I'm no mathematical genius or anything even remotely close and I've never taken a statistics class, I find it impossible to believe they can make that claim with a random sampling of a mere 270 students at 3 schools, one in Arizona, the other two in California. I find it amazing that people can get away with making crap up like this. I find it even more amazing that people actually believe this shit and will go on to quote that percentage as fact. Oh damn, I can't say I hate all percentages. There is one I's that 84.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot (like that 84.7% just was).