I hate...driving out to Blockbuster to rent a game or movie and then coming back home only to find whatever you rented won't play because it looks like someone was playing floor hockey with the disk. Don't they check that shit? Shouldn't they check it so that the person that fucked it up gets charged for the damage?

I hate...the report card my daughter's school district got from the state. Someone from the district needs to explain to me why the district falls below the state average in every area (science, reading, math, social studies, & writing) at the junior high level, yet the average teacher & administrator salaries are well above the state average. If the fucking teachers are getting paid so damn well, why the fuck aren't they teaching the kids anything??

I hate...that it is so damn easy to get a driver's license. I think the road test should be a lot longer and harder than it is. Some of these fucks out on the road are a real fucking hazard and I can't see how they ever passed the test. Let me test 'em...I'd probably fail 3 of every 5.

I hate...headaches. My fucking head has felt like it's been in a vice everyday for the last damn month & nothing I do makes it go away.

I hate...packrats. What on earth possesses these people to hoard all that shit? If you haven't used it in 6 months, or can't foresee needing to use it in the upcoming 6 months (I am aware some things are only used seasonally)...fucking THROW IT OUT! Only exceptions to that rule would be for photographs, or if it is something of monetary value and/or if it truly holds sentimental value, i.e. a family heirloom...but keep a strict limit on the number of those things you hold on to. You don't need to hold onto that cleaning sponge that's probably older than your kids...that's just unsanitary. Disposable razors are just that...DISPOSABLE, you're supposed to throw them out, not hold onto them for months or even years. You don't need to hold onto every bank statement, credit card receipt, utility bill, etc. you've ever received. Feel free to break out the shredder and get rid off that mass of paper overtaking your closets and computer rooms. Don't hold onto those old clothes hoping that someday you'll fit back into that smaller size again...chances are you won't and even if you do, those clothes will be way out of style. Just reward yourself with buying new clothes if you ever achieve your goal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate.....That you don't hate anything enough to blog about it!!! :) I seriously need a hobby!

December 30, 2004 12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate packrats too,thats why I hate myself because I am one.I become very attached to things,its an obsessive compulsive thing,Im extremly insecure and very lonely and I need to hold on to things. T.M

December 31, 2004 12:03 AM  

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