I hate...when people try to give you advice on subjects they know absolutely nothing about. I made a random comment recently in front of some family members that I needed to go to Best Buy and pick up more memory for my computer. One particular idiot, who doesn't even realize he's a complete idiot but instead thinks he's this brilliant know-it-all, starts telling me I need to get a bunch of disks, move everything (including programs) off my computer onto those disks and I'll free up all my memory again. Um, hello dickwad...1) you don't even know how to turn a fucking computer ON, and 2) I wasn't asking for any advice, so keep your damn mouth shut.

I hate...purses. I started carrying one in junior high, cuz well, it was the girlie thing to do. I also needed a place to store my makeup and feminine hygiene products. However, carrying a purse seems to breed more reasons behind why you need to carry one. Your very first purse only has a couple of items in it, such as a little makeup and tampons. Then with each passing month, each year, things get added. A wallet, hand lotion, tissues, a pen, pictures, throat lozenges, umbrella, change of undies, toothbrush, hair brush, a mini sewing kit, an extra pair of socks, cellphone charger, etc. The more things that get added, the more things you can think of that just need to be in there and the bigger the purse gets. The problem is that it ends up being so full of crap that you really don't need that you can't find anything you actually do need when you need it, or it's something you hadn't yet thought you would need and it's not in there so you have to borrow it or buy it. It's a vicious cycle. But I'm a recovered purse addict. Now I just carry a wallet.

I hate...that I can always tell when someone has eaten a gyro sandwich or a salad with ranch dressing by just a single whiff of their breath afterwards. I think those two produce the worst, we're talking vomit inducing, bad breath ever. I'd rather play tonsil hockey all night with someone that's eaten a raw onion, than to get that single whiff of someone that's had a gyro or ranch dressing.

I hate...all the hoopla surrounding the Cubs making it to the playoffs this year. I distinctly remember this same thing happening in 2003 and where did that go? No where! It's been 99 years since they won the World Series. 99 years people. One year shy of a century. The Titanic hadn't even been built yet the last time they won. I'm a Cubs fan, always have been, always will be, but I'm not joining in any hoopla until they actually win the World Series. That'll be the time to celebrate, and all hell will break lose in Chicago when and if they ever reach that pinnacle.


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What more can I add? That was well put!

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