I hate...when you think you have a craving for something, run out to the store and buy it, only to find that it wasn't what you really wanted after all.

I hate...that the majority of books and films have happy endings to them. Why can't people portray life as it really truly happens? It isn't always ponies, fairies and rainbows at the end. Life can be extremely cruel and sometimes it's a dirty, painful, twisted, dark mess that never resolves into happier times.

I hate...the E. coli that was found recently in raw cookie dough. While it's not the Nestle Toll House dough that was recalled, I do have a whole tub of Otis Spunkmeyer raw cookie dough in the freezer that I'm just dying to munch on but I'm afraid to because of this E. coli scare. Sure it's good cooked, but it's even better right outta the tub. Eat at your own risk I guess.

I hate...that once again Harry Potter mania has returned now that the latest installment of the movie series is to be released later this week. AOL (not a trusted news or other source by any measure) even ranked Harry Potter as one of the top 10 books you must read before you die. Seriously? I mean really, seriously??

I hate...the latest wave of Alternative music that's hitting the airwaves. It's uninspired, unoriginal and just plain sucks all around. Even Green Day's latest is merely a repackaged version of their American Idiot cd and a crappy one at that.

I hate...that so much time and effort is being spent on investigating Michael Jackson's death. Hello? He's not the first person, nor the biggest celebrity, to fall victim to a prescription drug overdose. There have been plenty before him and there will be plenty more after him. Unless we're going to go back and investigate every single death of similar circumstance with such vigor and thoroughness as we are Michael Jackson's, then we need to just drop this shit now. If he didn't know (or more likely didn't care) that his life was at risk from overdosing with all the medications he was taking, he's a fucking moron and got what was coming to him. Doesn't really matter who prescribed him what.


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