I hate...feeling nauseous and not being able to throw up. If I could just throw up, I know I'd feel better, but I can't ever get that gag reflex to work when I need it to.

I hate...not having any coffee filters when I'm in desperate need of a good caffeine jolt. I'm sure Martha Stewart has some domesticated trick for what to use when you're out of filters...maybe use the lining of a baby diaper or something fucked up like that...but I have no intention of trying it.

I hate...when you keep getting a whiff of some funky smell in a room but you can't figure out where it's coming from. Sat there for 20 mins trying to figure out why the laundry room stank the other day. Turns out it was the new dryer sheets I bought. They didn't seem to smell that bad in the store.

I hate...football. I have never understood why people enjoy playing and/or watching that damn sport. Doesn't require a whole lot of skill on the part of most of the players, nor does it require much intelligence. Think it has some homo-erotic overtones to it as well, despite it being considered such a masculine sport. Bunch of burly, sweaty men tackling each other to the ground for thrills? Come on...

I hate...all these people bitching because there is a shortage of flu vaccines this year and they can't get their shot. Most people that get the shot really don't need it. They just need to try washing their hands more often. That'll greatly reduce the chances you'll get it and if you do get it, it'll reduce the chances of you continuing to spread it on to others. But alas, we've become a nation of drug dependents. Gotta have a pill or a shot for everything. Common sense no longer matters.


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