I exhusband. He's a worthless stupid fuckhead and I can't believe I was blind to that for 13 years. There were glimpses every now and then as to what a true fuckhead he really was, but I was in love, I didn't want to accept that as reality. Guess that makes me just as much of a stupid fuckhead as he is doesn't it?? Least I'm a cuter fuckhead.

I hate...when people don't return your phone call. If it wasn't something important, I wouldn't have bothered leaving a fucking message. Did you take lessons on being that rude or does it just come naturally??

I hate...that corporations downsize their packaging instead of raising their prices. Are you trying to fool consumers with that stunt? Cuz you're not fooling me. I also hate when they change a perfectly good recipe. I just bought a package of Chips Ahoy for the first time in years...these are not the same cookies I used to eat as a kid. They're smaller & they look weird. Thank gawd for Oreos, they haven't changed.

I hate...that I didn't get the memo everyone else seems to have gotten that says the yellow on a stoplight no longer means you should slow down. The new meaning is hurry the fuck up and get thru the intersection. Of course there also seems to be a new memo that says red does not mean stop anymore. Didn't get that one either. The new meaning of red is that the light was probably yellow a few seconds ago, but you need to blow thru it because your time is more valuable than everyone else's, so you can hold them up, even if you no longer have the right of way. And people wonder why air travel is safer than driving.

I hate...the taste of warm soda...YUCK! Let me go grab a fresh one....

I hate...that I don't have enough room for all my shoes. Move over Imelda, Sid's coming thru.

I hate...that I don't know what to do with all my old albums. Ah, the days of vinyl were great...but they just don't store well. Wonder if any of them are worth anything. Probably not, they're mostly alternative bands that were the predecessors of bands like Linkin Park and Marilyn Manson; and I'm sure most people have never heard of them. Those were the days when you had to hear of bands by word of mouth because no station would play them. I was considered a freak back then, now this stuff is all mainstream...go figure.

I hate...nail biting. That has got to be towards the top of my really fucking disgusting habits list, probably has a place in the top 5. I just don't get they taste good or something?

I hate...stuffed animals. And I mean in multiple. One or two is ok, but why the fuck would you want more than that? They don't do anything except take up excessive amounts of room and collect dust, lots of dust. What's the matter how "cute" they are.


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