The idea behind this blog came from a post I did on a different blog of mine one night while I was getting drunk. Started ranting about all these things I hate, so I figured I'd dedicate a new blog solely to getting all this crap off my chest. So here goes....

I hate...people that talk incessantly but have nothing to say. I know you apparently have a love for your own voice, but I don't, so shut the fuck up.

I hate...receiving all these damn catalogs in the mail over the holidays. Hate it even more that I have to call them and tell them to stop sending me catalogs I never asked to receive in the first place or they just keep coming.

I hate...when it's so cold outside your nose hairs freeze up in an instant once you walk outside.

I hate...that there was a run on SpongeBob watches at Burger King. Dammit, I didn't get them all! Yes, I'm a dork...ask me if I care.

I hate...having a craving for something but not knowing what. Keep looking in the fridge over and over, as if by some miracle one of the times you close the door, whatever it is you're searching for will magically appeared.

I hate...people that feel the need to drive slow and/or camp out in the left hand lane of the highway. Get the fuck outta my way! Read your "rules of the road" book...the left hand lane is for passing. There are even highway signs saying "slower traffic keep right". Or are these stupid fucks in the left lane because they don't know which is the right? If that's the case, get the fuck off the road all together!

I organizations that offer their "church-lite" style of religion, but really are just a step away from being the next Jonestown cult because their members are being so brainwashed. Case in point...Willowcreek Church in Illinois. I'll readily admit I have a bias towards religion being that I'm an atheist, but I don't typically hold it against someone for believing in the god of their choice. However, I have met quite a few people that attend Willowcreek and they do I describe them...obsessive and not in a good way. They're not even obsessive about their religion and connection to God, it's all about the church itself. They try to convince everyone to join their little cult, sometimes badgering people to the point of harrassment. It's beyond scary.


Blogger Malia said...

You know, it's amazing how I flip through these random blogs and see this's amazing how you think just like me. With the people that just talk...the catalogs, ugh, here I am at my mailbox hoping for something good and I see a damn catalog from some company I've never even heard of?! What is this! And with the Spongebob watches...our Burger King is all out! It makes me so mad! I didn't even get one and they're already out! The church thing is so annoying, too. I mean, I went to this little church store to get my boyfriend something for Christmas and they were trying to get me to go to their mass that night. They looked at me with this funky look in their eye...I just walked out without even buying anything! So anyways, enough of my rambling, just thought i'd let you know that you aren't the only one with these same problems on your mind!

December 03, 2004 10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a sad, pathetic, and bitter little girl you are. Listen to you ranting like a spoiled brat. It's no wonder your life is so messed up that spend it complaining like crazy.

Enjoy having sex with your lesbian girlfriend, Malia, who doesn't have a life either.

May 22, 2011 11:17 PM  

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