I hate...Walmart. That says enough right there, but what brought this to mind was this article. Jeezus!! How many billions of dollars does Walmart rake in each year by screwing over other American businesses?? Forcing companies out of business by demanding unrealistically low costs on items so they can guarantee themselves a hefty profit when they mark it up to sell it in their stores. How much money do they make fucking over their employees on wages, benefits and overtime? Why the fuck can't they fork out the money needed for the road improvements themselves? My guess is the Congressman that snuck this crap in at the last minute will be getting one hell of a kickback from Walmart for doing so. The fucker should be shot and Walmart should be nuked off the planet.

I hate...paper cuts. How can something so minor hurt so fucking much? OUCH!

I hate...buying dairy products at the grocery store and forgetting to check the expiration date before I put 'em in the shopping cart. I bought a container of cottage cheese the other day. Went to eat it last night only to find it was already a week past the expiration date when I bought it. Don't they pay someone to check to make sure the stock is fresh??

I hate...the way women are treated when they take their car in to have work done, be it at an oil change place, the dealership or some auto repair shop. I know at one point it was a "males only" type career. Even today it's still a field populated by far more guys than gals. However...and listen up all you swinging dick grease monkeys...just because women don't relish the idea of getting all slimey and covered with oil from fixing cars, doesn't mean we're clueless about them. Not all of us are naive enough to believe the bullshit you try to feed us about needing this service or needing to buy that part. Quit trying to con us because more & more women are catching on and we spread the news about what businesses to avoid due to scam artists such as yourselves.


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