I hate...being hungry and depressed at the same time. Depression not only casts a dark pall over everything you see, for some reason it also makes everything taste like cardboard. Blech!

I hate...cats. Have I mentioned that before? If so, it still deserves mentioning again. Cats are egotistical, lazy-ass, wastes of space (oh hey, that describes my ex-hubby, think maybe he was one in a past life) that ruin your furniture and stink up your house with their spraying and the damn litter box. No amount of cute and adorable in their appearance is going to sway me into overlooking all that other crap.

I hate...those Pepsi fridge-pack boxes. You know, the 12 pack of cans designed to fit in the fridge so they can be dispensed right from the box. I don't know if they don't perforated them properly or what, but every time I try to open one I end up destroying the box, thus defeating the purpose of buying the 12 pack. Don't have any problems with the Coke boxes, so what gives Pepsi?

I hate...when you randomly come across something you own when you don't need it, but then the thing seems to have completely vanished off the face of the planet the minute you do need it.

I hate...running out of shaving cream when I've only managed to get one leg shaved, one armpit, or worse, half the bearded clam. Yes, I know there are other things I can use in the interim, but none of them works as well as shaving cream, especially on those oh so delicate areas.

I hate...Facebook games. They are just TOO. DAMN. ADDICTIVE.