I & mall "rent-a-cops" (as we refer to them here) that have a chip on their shoulder and think they're just as important as real cops. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you're even more pathetic than Barney Fife ever was. Just cuz you're trying to act like a manly man, doesn't mean you're actually succeeding. Give it up. When women say they like a man in uniform, they aren't referring to dorkwads like you.

I beer. Who the fuck drinks that crap after high school? If you really are an adult, spend the extra few dollars and drink the good stuff, there is a HUGH difference. Drinking crap like Budweiser, Miller and Old Style is like putting ketchup on a hotdog after the age of's just not right.

I hate...mama's boys. It's ok to love your mom, really it is, at any age. But & this is a big BUT...there's a big difference between loving mom and being too overly dependent on her. When you reach the age of least 16, mom should not still be doing your laundry, cleaning your room, buying your clothes, making decision for you regarding girlfriends or friends in general, etc. etc.

I hate...people that can't follow the rules of the road and fuck up traffic (and in some instances cause accidents) as a result. Case in point...this morning I was trying to make a left hand turn at a corner that has stop signs for the cross traffic only. Several cars were coming towards me from the opposite direction I was driving, with the first one wanting to turn right. The bitch driving that car stops at the corner, though she has no stop sign and is the one with the right of way...and tries to wave the guy to go that is stopped at the stop sign on the street she's trying to turn if she can't make a turn and stay in her lane if there is a guy stopped there. Everyone was honking at the bitch. I run into this crap on an almost daily basis. Like coming to an intersection controlled by a stop light with the intention of turning right, we have the green light & the fucker in front of me stops completely to let all the cars turning left go. HELLO?? Where the fuck are these assholes getting their licenses from? The worst though are the fuckheads that STOP on the ramp to the highway instead of speeding up and merging. I've almost hit several people that pulled that stupid ass stunt.

I hate...that I've posted more than one "I hate" about the way other people drive. So to hopefully prevent that from happening again, I'd just like to declare....I THINK 95% OF ALL YOU DRIVERS OUT THERE CAN'T DRIVE FOR SHIT!!! Go back and learn to do it right, it's not that complicated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive side swiped several cars,ran off the road twice knocking over somebodys mailbox then went in to a ditch,almost ran off the road I dont know how many times and Ive hit a couple of bumpers all in the last ten years.One time I was driving to close to this womans car and she got out of her car and started screaming at me right there in the parking lot.You may feel like doing the same thing but dont,Im warning you,I swear to God if I had a gun in my car I would of killed that bitch.T.M

February 01, 2005 11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anon said...

It seems to me that both of you are really hypocritical. Don't blame me if you get in trouble for being jerks.

If you get in killed for being jerkish, that's your problems.

April 24, 2013 2:46 PM  

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