I hate...liars. I think we've become a nation of liars. Everyone lies about everything. Even if they don't have to, they lie anyway. Why? Because everyone else is doing it! I've had people lie to me about all kinds of strange things. Like what time they got up in the morning, what they ate for dinner or what color shirt they if it makes any difference what the answer is, so why lie about it?? I have no idea why everyone is so afraid to tell the truth these days. It's very disturbing since lying to me is the #1 reason that'll get me to hate someone for the rest of their life.

I What is it with them not wanting to tell you what hotel you're staying at and where it's located until AFTER you pay for it when you can't cancel the reservation? What if I don't like the hotel? I'm just guessing, and I may be wrong, but I would think most people that are looking for a hotel care what hotel it is and where it's located. Do people really want to take a gamble on something like that? You could end up at some no tell motel that rents rooms by the hour. I took my business elsewhere.

I hate...when people talk too damn fast when leaving a message on my answering machine. Could you slow it down a bit so I don't have to rewind it 100 times just to write down your phone#?

I hate...that they only sell Reese's peanut butter eggs at easter time. I LOVE Reese's and the eggs just seem to have the perfect chocolate to peanut butter ratio for me. Guess I'd best start stocking up now while I can (insert piggy snort here).

I hate...stubbing a toe on something (today it was the stairs, I got a lil clumsy), damn that hurts like a mutherfucker. Why the fuck are toes so sensitive to pain anyway, of all body parts?

I hate...lima beans. I'm a big veggie person, I even loved veggies as a kid. But what idiot thought these things were edible? And why do they insist on including the nasty things in packages of mixed veggies? Yuck!

I hate...the sound of another person chewing. Be it with their mouth open or closed, if I can hear it, it makes me gag. Completely ruins my appetite. Must be why I prefer crowded, noisy restaurants despite my anxiety problem. No quiet romantic places for me, unless you're eating sushi or something moist like that.


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